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Unfortunately, it also involves certain risks. In just a few seconds, one person can cause enormous damage. Material damage that can quickly reach tens of thousands of euros or – even worse – injury with all the associated liability consequences.

With more than 10 full-time developers, we create innovative safety, timing and positioning products for your go-kart track. Over the last 25 years we have become global market leader with our products.

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Reference: 200.435

Xtra.CDI Shutdown Transponder

De-Haardt Xtra Kart-Control transponderfor Honda petrol engine with electronic ignitionFor karts with electronic ignition without a battery you also need art. 200.440 Xtra.Universal power coil

Reference: 200.716

Xtra.Beacon (complete set)

Xtra Sector Beaconcomplete with power supply and Contact loopone Xtra transponder and one a sector sensor is required

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