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We at wish you a warm welcome to our website!

The rental kart wholesaler of Europe, we would like to let you know what we do and what you can contact us for.

You can find everything in the field of wear products with us, such as tires, rims, chains, drive belts, bearings and so on.

But also think of workshop tools, helmets, balaclavas or transponders.

What don't we do? Complete karts, Time systems, Track demarcation, Software systems.

How can we offer original products cheaper than the manufacturer itself?

We have many of our products produced directly at the source, so there are far fewer links in between and we can improve the product where necessary and offer it for a lower price. Because we only focus on products that you use every day, we can think ahead and have large numbers made.

But above all, we want to work with you on a relationship and work on products that make you a better go-kart track.

Our motto is "Doesn't work, doesn't exist"

Yours sincerely,

BeNeDu Racing

BeNeDu Rental Karting

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